Commercial Golf Simulators

Golf is a game to some and a passion to many. For those whose passion is to grab the clubs and play 18 holes, a day without golf is almost like a day without breathing. However, technology is changing that… Continue reading

Used Golf Simulators

Whether you are a professional golf player or just someone who enjoys this popular sport, golf simulators are a technical system designed to allow players easy access for playing. A golf simulator resembles the experience lived on a real golf… Continue reading

Golf Simulator Workout

Need another reason for a golf simulator? Consider how you can incorporate a work out that's fun into your regular routine. When you play golf on a golf simulator like our high definition unit, you get a full work out just like you hit the course. You'll be doing the swings and the movements that result in a great, all over body workout.

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A Golf Simulator for Christmas?

The high definition golf simulator isn't out of your reach as a holiday present. If you're going to get a golf simulator, why settle for something that is little more than an arcade game? Also if you need a compelling reason for the golf simulator, make sure the rest of the family knows not only is it a fun golf simulator that you can play your own games of golf on at realistically designed golf courses around the world, you can also play in online tournaments with other golfers around the globe.

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Indoor Golf, Have You Played Yet?

My first experience on a golf simulator was completely underwhelming. I won't name the brand in this blog post but it was an early incarnation of  one that is still sold, but I never could understand why people were so excited about golf simulators. It was pretty much like playing a video game except I was whacking a golf ball at a screen and I was supposed to pretend it was like I was on a golf course.

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Golf Games on your Golf Simulator

There are numerous golf games you can play on your home golf simulator.  One of the modules many people enjoy is the live Internet play mode. And you're not just sharing a score board with your opponent. You're actually playing a golf game just like you met up at the course face to face instead of a virtual golf game. Continue reading

Virtual Golf on a Whole Other Level

Virtual golf takes on a whole new meaning when you play it on an HD golf simulator. For ages virtual golf was little more than whacking a ball into a screen that was supposed to resemble a golf course because it was green. Not so in the present. Virtual golf goes to a whole other level when you use a high definition golf simulator. Continue reading

See the HD Golf Simulator in Action from the PGA Show 2011

Check out this excellent video of Jamie Sadlowski showing you how to use the functions on the HD golf simulator to correct your swing and stroke. Also, make a note of the screen display, it's brilliant even on a YouTube video. One of the most helpful things for helping correct your golf stance is the multiple camera angles. This is virtual golf at its finest. Continue reading

Indoor Golf Simulators Cost

Indoor golf simulators are becoming more and more the norm, many people are even incorporating indoor golf simulator plans into the home designs they are having built. The prices of golf simulators have come down over the past few years and owning an indoor golf simulator is something nearly everyone can afford. Continue reading

How Accurate are Golf Simulators?

Until the present, the answer would have been, "not very". The new technology that makes up the High Definition Golf Simulator is state of the art and you'll find the accuracy and the sheer amount of information you can get from a single stroke is incredible. Continue reading

Test Drive a Golf Simulator

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