A Golf Simulator for Christmas?

The high definition golf simulator isn't out of your reach as a holiday present. If you're going to get a golf simulator, why settle for something that is little more than an arcade game? Also if you need a compelling reason for the golf simulator, make sure the rest of the family knows not only is it a fun golf simulator that you can play your own games of golf on at realistically designed golf courses around the world, you can also play in online tournaments with other golfers around the globe.

Another great point to bring up is that the golf simulator isn't just a golf simulator. It's also a home theater and if you're not golfing you can all settle in for a family movie night and enjoy time together. The prices on the golf simulator can vary depending on what if any extra modules you want. The installation is a snap and very easy to do. How much easier could this get?

If you live in the Bethel, CT area and you'd like to come in and try out the high definition golf simulator to see exactly what we're talking about, please call us at Performance Club Works at the Stony Hill Golf Center at 203-778-2777; we are available 7 days a week.

Now get to work and start convincing your family how much the entire family will enjoy high def virtual golf, this might just be the year you get your golf simulator for Christmas.

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