Golf Games on your Golf Simulator

There are numerous golf games you can play on your home golf simulator.  One of the modules many people enjoy is the live Internet play mode. And you're not just sharing a score board with your opponent. You're actually playing a golf game just like you met up at the course face to face instead of a virtual golf game.

Using the live action play mode, you can meet other golf enthusiasts online, chat and also play head to head in online golf tournaments.  You can see the other plays using picture in picture as well as talk via lapel microphones. Watch ever shot in your virtual golf game just like you were standing on the course.  Pull of the perfect shot and everyone you're playing with will watch it as it happens. If you slice one into the woods, well everyone will see that too.

Ready to take your golf game to another level and play when you want, forget about the weather. Contact us to set up an appointment to see one of the high definition golf simulators.

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