Golf Simulator Workout

Need another reason for a golf simulator? Consider how you can incorporate a work out that's fun into your regular routine. When you play golf on a golf simulator like our high definition unit, you get a full work out just like you hit the course. You'll be doing the swings and the movements that result in a great, all over body workout.

And remember the high definition golf simulator is also a full entertainment system and if you have a workout DVD, you can do that too for a full blow cardio workout with the your golf simulator.

The beautiful thing is that you're not held hostage to the weather report on whether or not you can get a good golf workout in or not. The indoor golf game that a golf simulator brings to the table eliminates the need to worry about rain, sleet, snow or cold temps making it impossible to play golf. If you have a golf simulator, you always have a golf game.

Ready to see our golf simulator in action?
You can see how it works here or just call us to make an appointment to try it out for yourself. We're open 7 days a week to fit your schedule.

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