Virtual Golf on a Whole Other Level

Virtual golf takes on a whole new meaning when you play it on an HD golf simulator. For ages virtual golf was little more than whacking a ball into a screen that was supposed to resemble a golf course because it was green. Not so in the present. Virtual golf goes to a whole other level when you use a high definition golf simulator.

There are 3 levels of design that go into every course, and every world-class course you have played or dreamed of playing is available for play. The courses aren't just a green screen, they are designed to mimic the exact challenge of every sand trap and rough, the putting greens and even the trees around the course are designed in so you get the most realistic, virtual golf experience possible.

Curious about what it's like to play? If you're in the Bethel, CT area and you'd like to make an appointment to play our HD golf simulator, just contact us and set up an appointment. We are open 7 days a week, come by and see us soon so you can experience the true meaning of virtual golf.

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