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Like most golfers, your game is not up to par but how do you improve? You could take costly lessons that may not improve your game or you could spend every waking hour at the course, but a better solution is to buy and install a home golf simulator.
Home golf simulators are great practice trainers for players of all levels. If you are new at the game and lack confidence to practice in front of other golfers, the golf simulator is for you. If your game is at a higher level, there is no better way to practice your swing repetitions and improve your muscle memory than with the golf simulator. But, best of all, it can be used in the convenience of your own home.

Golf clubs and training aids have really evolved in recent years with the introduction of hybrid clubs, 460cc drivers and home golf simulators and these items have progressed to such a high level that most people are absolutely blown away when they see and try them out.

Like most high tech apparatus, there is a wide price range between models and an equally wide range of features. Some systems start as low as $125 and escalate to about $7,000 for the top of the line models. Once you have decided to purchase a home golf simulator, decisions will have to be made on how much to spend, how many features are necessary, and how much space is available in your house that can be set aside for the system. Taking out the dining room table is not a great option.

Your golf simulator budget will probably be determined by you skill level. Most beginners aren’t going to want to shell out seven grand for the top model. Conversely, a handicap golfer will not be happy with the “bare bones” $125 model.

The best advice is to carefully investigate all of the golf simulator models and compare their features with the price. Try to calculate how much you will use the home golf simulator and make an informed decision based on that. As a word of caution, don’t go cheap on a system because, as your skill level improves, you will grow into a better system.

Finally, plan out where you will place your new home golf simulator before it is purchased so that it will function as it is intended. Remember, it takes a fairly high ceiling for the golf club to clear on the swing.

Home golf simulators are great investments into your golf game. Good luck and good practice.

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